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The classic office party is often pretty uneventful. Most people just want to leave and go home for the weekend, so it can be really difficult if you’re trying to build a fun atmosphere where everyone is up for a great time. In general, it’s just really hard to make an office party or a corporate networking event an enjoyable time for everyone. However, one great and really cheap way of sparking up your office party is to order a delivery of printed balloons. Indeed, these party props boast many great benefits for your party! Let’s check out how they can benefit your function!


They are relatively cheap

Ordering a delivery of printed balloons is relatively cheap, particularly when compared to other party accessories. A chocolate fountain, a food truck or a hiring a DJ is going to cost a lot more than a delivery of inflatables. The most popular DJs make millions and millions every year. Plus, there is going to be a lot more preparation involved should you hire a DJ or a food truck, just in terms of logistics. So, if you’re looking to reinvigorate your corporate parties, some customized, printed balloons are a nice, cheap method.


Good for the atmosphere

Another great advantage of printed balloons is that they bring a certain aesthetic appeal to your party. Imagine the classic office environment – computers, neutral colours, dividers and phones ringing. If you want to host an office party, you need to add a visual spectacle to help evoke the festivities. Some customized inflatables could be placed throughout the office or on each workstation divider to help add a bit of colour. Your inflatables can be used as decoration and can be arranged in many creative ways. Consider columns or archways, which could be used to ‘welcome’ your guests to the party!


Subtle marketing tool

Your printed balloons shouldn’t just be used for decoration. In fact, there are many subtle, creative uses for your little helium additions. If you’re hosting a corporate event and are looking to build your business’ networking capital, you want to leave a memorable impression. Creating multiple touchpoints with as many prospective clients as you can is essential. Consider printed balloons with your company’s logo stamped on the surface as a way of fostering brand awareness in the public sphere, along with building publicity. It can also help bolster your company’s good will, as a lot of people will associate great success with such promotional branding and merchandising.


High quality

There are plenty of nifty helium inflatables on the market that are very high in quality. Not only will they improve the credibility of your brand, they’ll make your company look more professional. However, this is only if you purchase the best inflatables on the market. You want to ensure that your party props are the best they can be. You want 100% biodegradable latex (meaning it is better for the environment) and inflatables stamped with the ‘impress’ method, so your images don’t fade or peel.


Multiple uses

Your printed balloons can be used in a wide variety of games, which can help create a fun and casual party! There are many great games that can help break the tension and get everyone relaxed. Start the party off with a game of ‘inflatable pop’, where the floor is covered in inflatables – whoever pops the most with their feet wins. Consider a game of balloon tennis, followed by a game of darts, where the targets are all inflatables. To finish the night off, you could play a game of ‘funnel catch’, where employees attempt to catch inflatables in a funnel.