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ERP System In A Tablet

Professionals that have been working in the construction industry for a long time understand the pressures that come with fixed project timeframes and budgets. It does not matter how meticulous you are in your planning, there are times you will encounter unforeseen circumstances. 

When this happens, it often sends your plans and strategy out the window. In most cases, you would have to return the drawing board and develop new margins and schedules for your project. Thanks to the construction ERP software solution, you can minimize efficiency risks and get your project on track even when the unexpected happens. 

So, how do you maintain your project’s efficiency with construction ERP software? Before answering this question, let us dig a little into the meaning of ERP software.

What is the ERP Software?

Also known as Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP software is a type of business solution that is designed to provide exceptional analytics with the use of data from different construction processes.

These processes include contractor management, financial/accounting management, human capital management, inventory/equipment management, vendor management, project management, customer relationship management, asset management, bid management, submittals, and scheduling, among others. 

Construction ERP software solution is a specialized enterprise resource planning solution designed for the unique needs of construction organizations.

What are the Features of Construction ERP Software?

Female worker using construction ERP software solution

Construction ERP software is designed to integrate different software systems into a single comprehensive solution. With this, the construction manager can gain access to tools that will help him to efficiently manage the complete project lifecycle. The features that are inherent in construction ERP solution include the following:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Bid Management
  • Cost Estimation
  • Equipment and facility management
  • Inventory management
  • Project scheduling
  • Contract and purchase order management
  • Performance/Productivity monitoring
  • Workflow and document management associated with RFIs, RFPs, and drafts
  • HR and Payroll process
  • Reporting

These modules must be connected because using improper accounting, document management, and schedule management software can significantly hamper the progress and success of your construction projects.

Undoubtedly, unexpected circumstances will arise and when this happens, the effects of using non-integrated software solutions and technologies would be very obvious and can become significantly detrimental to the success of the construction project.

When choosing your construction ERP software, you should consider custom security protocols, such as Role-Based Access Control, electronic identities management, audit trails, real-time monitoring, network encryptions and firewalls, and user provisioning. All these offer extra layers of protection for your data and significantly limit unauthorized access to valuable data.

Top Considerations for Choosing Construction ERP Software

There are various options of construction ERP software that are available in the market. However, you should understand that it is not all of them that can easily be customized for your use. This is why you must take the time to understand the specific demands of your work and choose the construction ERP solution that can meet your needs. 

Customizable dashboards with data analytics and integrated data visualization features are crucial requirements for your daily tasks as a construction manager. These features are also very critical when experiencing project distresses.

Therefore, they should be critical considerations when choosing your construction ERP software. You will find reputable brands that offer customized ERP solutions that will be perfect for the needs of your construction company.

Finally, it must be understood that it is one thing to invest in construction ERP software and it is another thing to customize and implement it properly. This is very critical as improper customization and implementation of ERP software can make it difficult for a construction company to deal with unexpected situations.