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Small Bongs With Alcohol In One Table

Mini and small size bongs are perfect for first-time users – But bigger doesn’t mean better.

In some cases, the shape and design of various smaller bongs can change the effect of the hit, intensifying or improving the smoke quality of the smoking device.

Even though smoking from a smaller-sized bong will give you smaller hits, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the strength will be less intense either. Bongs varying in size can still be small but still provide a strong effect for the user.

A larger size may become too much to handle for an inexperienced smoker, due to the intensity and amount of smoke that can be inhaled, which isn’t recommended for the novice user, as smaller bongs offer a more comfortable size to start with.

Smaller Bongs are Better for Small Users

What classifies a bong as being small? – Anything below 30cm.

Bong dimensions to be considered as small, commonly ranges from 10cm to 20cm, which is the perfect size to take anywhere being a lot more portable.

Slightly taller at 30cm, this size still provides a handy piece to handle, these smaller kinds are the better for easing you into the smoking experience, as you begin to become more relaxed and confident using the larger size bongs.

Mini bongs are sometimes called baby bongs, but are they even worth buying?

If you are a minimal user or want to be more discreet with your smaller smoking device, a mini bong has the same features as the traditional standard or larger sizes. However, having that smaller advantage provides the benefits of portability, the baby size could be a perfect fit for your requirements.

The convenience of the mini size is also much easier to handle, as the smoke bowl offers the user just enough for a subtle hit, making these smaller sizes the ideal choice for beginners.

There are many attachments available for these sizes as well, which will improve or elevate the smoking experience while using a compact-sized device.

Types of Small Bongs that are Worth Buying

There is a large range of various types of small bongs available to choose from.

Usually, the choice is determined by user preference and personal satisfaction. But, for a novel smoker entering the world of bongs, you may have limited experience on which kind is best for your needs. With so many sizes, shapes, and styles to try and compare, it is better to start small with the mini option, then gradually step up in sizes.

Small bongs are a lot more subtle, as there is not as much smoke that gets produced, which also reduces coughing for the lungs. The mini sizes are nifty as they don’t require a lot of space to be stored but can still provide a good smoking experience to new users.

Because of their smaller sizes, they use less material to manufacture, making these the budget-friendly option, as they are much more cost-effective to purchase. Maintaining smaller pieces are also easier to clean but also provide many great smoking accessories for all budgets, and for beginners to moderately experienced users.

If you are looking for a smaller smoking device that offers portability, with a more convenient size, you can’t look past the cute but cool mini and small sized bong products. There are many styles, shapes, colours, and lots of creative designs to choose from, offering personality while smoking your personal stash. Small bongs available to suit any preference or desire, including many attachments to heighten the strength of your device, creating the best effect and experience for your own specific needs.