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Tongkat Ali Supplements

Though it may be new for the western world, the Tongkat Ali supplement has been in use in one form or another for centuries in many parts of Southeast Asia. Considered to be a natural remedy for a number of ailments, the jury is still out on the true benefits of the Tongkat Ali supplements – as there are still many studies to be conducted on the subject. 

The ancient traditions aside, people who are searching for natural vitamins and mineral alternatives have been charging to their local stores to pick up a Tonkat Ali supplement or one of its derivatives. You may be wondering what some of the potential benefits, side effects, and dosage levels are usually applicable for a Tongkat Ali supplement, well look no further – you’ve come to the right place. 

This article will be exploring the historical roots of the Tongkat Ali supplement as well as delving a little deeper into the potential benefits that reside in taking it for yourself. 

‘The Tree That Cures 100 Diseases’

Hidden away in the rainforests of Indochina for millions of years, ancient beliefs and wisdoms associated the tree that Tongkat Ali supplement is derived from with magic and incredible healing properties. It is said to be consumed for general wellness and specified ailments since the 1100s, with documented history confirming its use in the 1800s at the very least. 

Malaysia and Indonesia are among the highest exporters of the plant with many manufacturers of products like the Tongkat Ali supplement citing the region as being optimal for superior quality. While we’re used to seeing it in a pill form, the plant is also very popular in its native region as being infused with coffee or tea, which is still consumed to this day in the region and is served quite liberally in cafes. 

Some Potential Benefits

Studies are being continuously run on the real-life implications and health benefits of taking a Tongkat Ali supplement. Here are a few of the claimed benefits of it:

May Enhance Testosterone & Fertility For Men

One of the prevailing claims in taking a Tongkat Ali supplement is the supposed boost in male fertility and overall increase in testosterone levels. This particular claim is one of the main proponents for its popularity around the world as men often do not want to fill their bodies with too many altering pharmaceuticals but still wish to retain their testosterone levels and fertility potential. 

More research is needed before this can be a confirmed benefit. 

May Provide Stress Relief 

It is said that Tongkat Ali supplement intake can have a direct correlation with improved mood and relaxed state. The belief is that the plant has a detrimental impact on stress hormones in the body which can lead to decreased anxiety and an improvement in mood

The results in testing have been promising, but there is always more to be seen before a confirmation can be showcased. 

One thing is for certain, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the results with a keen eye.