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Great Leichhardt Italian Restaurant

Not every Leichhardt Italian restaurant holds the same reputation. This is a corner of Sydney that enjoys a long heritage with Italian establishments. The criteria for success is extensive. Rather than settling for any old location, we will outline 6 selection tips to pinpoint what is suitable for lunch or dinner.  

1) Identify Signature Menu Item Options 

What sets a great Leichhardt Italian restaurant apart from the rest of the competition will be their signature dishes and how they deliver them for their patrons. Every outlet will be able to create a delicious spaghetti bolognese and lasagna, but how do they put a unique spin on their pizza choices, on the risotto, for the prosciutto di Parma, focaccia, ravioli and even a gelato ice cream? Each restaurant will be unique on that front and it pays to study the menu first hand, whether that is online or when reading a copy out front of the establishment. 

2) Catering to Personal Meal Requirements 

From heavy food to light food alternatives, vegan options, gluten-free items, lactose free and dairy free food, it is helpful to pinpoint a Leichhardt Italian restaurant that offers more than just a one-size-fits-all menu. This won’t be the case with every consumer who will be happy to experiment with different tastes and opt for what is popular, but there is value for others who are more selective to do their research ahead of time. Should they have a degree of flexibility, that will be helpful for individuals who have to adapt their eating habits and for larger groups who may very well have customers that cannot opt into the same menu items as everyone else. 

3) Ratings & Reviews & Referrals 

Patrons wanting to find the perfect Italian eatery in the Inner West should take note of the reception of other consumers to see what is tracking well and what is falling short of expectations. This will apply to conversations with people from Leichhardt who understand who has established long-term roots in the region and who is new on the scene, assessing what the word of mouth reputation happens to be on the streets. Then there will be online reviews and ratings that are displayed across shared economy apps, Google and social media, indicating which brands are most popular amongst visitors and locals alike. 

4) Ease of Access & Parking 

Approaching a Leichhardt Italian restaurant for a table might not be so easy for those who are driving in from out of town. Unless they are visiting during off-peak times or happen to spot a park close by, they could be venturing off for quite a period of time, especially for Friday and Saturday evening dinners. To select the right venue, it is important to consider parking opportunities ahead of time to avoid any delays. 

5) Assessing B.Y.O. Policy 

Customers that want to enjoy a glass of wine or beer with their meal might feel comfortable to settle for what a Leichhardt Italian restaurant offers on their menu. Yet there are many others who prefer to bring their own drinks. Ultimately this comes down to the ‘Bring Your Own’ or B.Y.O. policy of the establishment. Do they have one and do they welcome patrons to introduce their own drinks? 

6) Atmosphere & Bookings 

A Leichhardt Italian restaurant is a perfect place for a date. It is wonderful for family gatherings, for corporate lunches and more. The key will often come down to atmosphere and the ability for the customer to book a table. Although there will be a premium on tables during the Friday and Saturday rush that has to be arranged days in advance, it is beneficial to consider how the booking system works with a Leichhardt Italian restaurant and whether or not they offer a comfortable atmosphere with great tableside service.