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A Grand Canyon helicopter ride is a great way to see the natural wonder from a fresh perspective. It is fast becoming one of the most popular sightseeing choices in the region due to being both fun and affordable.

There are few things that compare to the thrill of seeing such an incredible sight from the air. Here are 5 of the main benefits that come with experiencing a Grand Canyon helicopter ride:


Unique perspective

While most people see the natural wonder from ground level, viewing it from a chopper allows you to see it from unique angles. Seeing it from above also allows you to experience more of the region in a shorter amount of time. The chopper’s ability to fly low and descend further than a plane allows passengers to experience several different angles throughout their flight. This provides the opportunity to view the area in more detail and to spot local wildlife.


Thrilling experience

Soaring through valleys and gliding over rivers is an experience you can’t really get outside of a Grand Canyon helicopter ride. The speed and agility of the chopper, the epic landscape and great heights gets your adrenaline going like nothing else. Many vehicles fly without doors, which makes the thrill even greater.


Special photo opportunities

In a world where every shot has been taken thousands of times, it’s become essential to find a unique angle in order to get a worthwhile photo. The bird’s eye view offered by a Grand Canyon helicopter ride provides the perfect opportunity for taking some magnificent and memorable snaps that you don’t often see. Make sure to take your phone so you can snap some awesome selfies!


Ability to land anywhere

The chopper’s manoeuvrability and relatively small size allows it to land in a wide range of places, many of which may be incredibly difficult to access any other way. This allows you to visit sights that most other people are unable to see. From rare rock formations to exotic wildlife, you’re sure to be impressed.


Private experience

Unlike many other tourist experiences which are crowded and noisy, a Grand Canyon helicopter ride is quite a personal experience. The chopper usually holds up to 6 passengers; this small number ensures that the experience is quiet, relaxed and personalised and gives passengers the opportunity to ask questions. This makes it a great option for those who don’t like crowds and who want a more personal experience.


Get spoiled

Many Grand Canyon helicopter ride providers give you complementary food and wine, which adds an element of luxury to your trip. You may even get to enjoy a private picnic down in the valley. The emphasis is on making you, the valued passenger, feel supported. This means that you are likely to be treated with personalised care and excellent service.


Distinctive date idea

There are few dates as memorable or as impressive as going on a Grand Canyon helicopter ride with your romantic interest. If you’re bored with taking your date to restaurants and the cinema, this is the perfect alternative (as long as they don’t have a fear of heights!). Sweeping views, thrilling descents and a splash of champagne makes this a trip one to remember. Sharing an exciting experience together can also help to strengthen your relationship.



While you might think that a Grand Canyon helicopter ride would be expensive, they are actually quite affordable considering what you get out of it. While some tours are more expensive than others, it is possible to board a chopper for under $200.